Social Security Benefits & Tax Implications 2022

Social Security Benefits and Tax Implications 2022: As long as you work you should ensure that some of your earnings should be saved for your retirement, in case of disability, financial assistance to your dependents and after benefits for working long run in case of a disability after 65 years. Non reporting social security benefits […]

Child Tax Credit

Child Tax Credit: The line of credit given to a taxpayer for having dependent children, one or many who are under the age group of 17 at the end of each tax year is known as Child tax credit or ‘CTC ‘ in short. CTC is intended to offer parents or guardians of dependents an […]

What is Premium Tax Credit (PTC)?

Premium Tax Credit 2019: is a refundable form of tax credit that eligible households receive from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) in the United States. The premium tax credit offsets the monthly health insurance premium costs for eligible households who have purchased their insurance via the Healthcare Exchange Marketplace. The ACA’s Premium Tax Credit People […]