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About Crescent Tax Filing

Crescent Tax Filing ( Tax Preparation Services ) is a rapidly growing company, specialized in resolving any tax preparation problem. We believe that client trust is our capital and client satisfaction is our goal. We have been engaged in providing a 24*7 round the clock tax preparation services throughout the year and helping many Fortune 500 companies employees by dealing with their tax filing issues. Our professional team possess more than a decade of experience and constantly upgrades themselves with new rules from IRS and state income tax department. We treat data privacy and accurate tax return as a serious matter and committed towards providing 100% accurate tax return by following the absolute guidelines of the tax authorities.

Why Crescent Tax Filing?

Our extremely trained professional team believe that resolving each individual client’s tax preparation issue with utmost priority is their mission. We provide our client a personalize experience each time they contact us by giving consultation from a dedicated tax expert. We are here to help you always anytime. With the Tax Estimates you are entitled to enjoy our 11 Quality Value Added Tax Services for Free of Cost 

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Tax Experts Unlimited Consultations

At Crescent Tax Filing, our experts strive to provide our customers with our Value Added tax preparation services which are worth $1200 for Free of Cost. Think of the invaluable time lost by you if you chose to render services from online tax filing websites or from your local tax consultants. We endeavour to provide year-round support by our most experienced Tax Experts who include the likes of CAs – Chartered Accountants, EAs – Enrolled Agents and Financial Experts.

It is a special reminder for you that you can call or contact us at any time to speak with our Tax Experts and clarify your doubts for FREE. You can receive solutions from our most experienced team on your personal taxes and refunds. You might be charged anywhere between $100 to $550 per hour by your neighbourhood tax consultants for issues relating to your personal taxes. You may also be charged additional fee if you seek tax filing as well. With Crescent Tax Filing Services’ expert support and consultations, you can save your time and hard-earned money.

Your Deductions, Credits and Exemptions will be taken care in a precise manner by Crescent Tax Filing’s tax experts. 

Accurate Tax Estimates

Accuracy is the most important thing that should be taken into consideration while estimating tax return and we treat accuracy as a serious matter because we are committed to provide 100% accurate tax estimates to our clients. To achieve this, we have adopted a unique methodology which consists of three different layers of evaluation.

At the first stage our specialized tax analysts will evaluate the tax estimates, then in the next stage the evaluated estimates will be reviewed by our EA-Enrolled Agent, and in the third stage again it will be revised by our most experienced CPA’s. Because of this flawless and strong verification system we are providing 100% accurate tax estimate with a guaranteed tax refund.

Unlike the other tax consulting firms which will give you a final figure of your OWE/Refund amount, we will provide you a detailed tax return statement consisting of line by line calculation of each item. Moreover, not only you will get this tax return for free of cost but also, we are providing with many Tax Services Worth $1200 for Free, this includes 365 days round the clock customer care service for present or previously filed tax return by any organization. If you are satisfied with all these free services, we can also help you filing your tax return with the relevant authority with a nominal fee.

W4 Guidance & Assistance

A W4 form is a worksheet full information which finds out how much Federal tax will be withheld from your pay check and sent to the government.

IRS is a group under the government that collects federal taxes. With the help of this group the government determines how much federal tax should be withheld from a tax payer throughout the year. And the basic advantage is you don’t need to check a big bill, sent by the government at the end of the year. It is friendly for both the government and the tax payers.

The W4 form is the form which should be filled up by everyone before going to start a new job.

A person should claim at least one allowance for every individual in his family. Suppose, a person is married and having one child then he will have to claim three allowances. But there are some factors that determine how much tax your employer withhold from your regular pay. The factors are mentioned below:

  • The amount
  • Your marital status
  • Number of allowances
  • Whether you want to reduce the number of the allowances.

If the money which is withheld from your pay check is not enough then you will have to pay a huge amount tax. Even penalties are there.

So that the process of tax withholding can be done properly you need to care about some data like your current state residency details.

After signing on the website, you will get the form just within 5 hours with all the information. Also, you can enjoy some tax services at free of cost like unlimited tax related consultation from an expert throughout the year.

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Filed Tax Returns Assessment & Examination

Taxpayers are allowed to correct/amend their tax returns by the Internal Revenue Service for a period of last three years (tax years 2020, 2019 & 2018). These are returns on tax that are filed by taxpayers for extra refunds, deductions, credits or exemptions.

The Internal Revenue Service has an examiner’s software which it uses to verify filed tax return from the last six years of any taxpayer. The IRS reserves the right to conduct such regular checks. Millions of taxpayers receive notice from the IRS each year implying that the taxpayers must file tax returns in order to steer clear of receiving warning payment notices from the IRS. In specific, this helps the resident aliens to avoid unnecessary hassles in their H1 or GC processing.

The following reasons can be used by taxpayers to correct/amend their filed tax returns for the past three years:

  • Carry back claim
  • Correct filing status filed
  • Correct tax returns filed
  • Additional dependents claimed
  • Non-refundable credits claimed
  • Unreported income disclosed

Off late, it has come to notice that several non-residents (F1-OPT, F1-CPT, M, J, Q) are required to file form 1040NR via numerous tax filing websites online. However, it is very clearly stated by the IRS that only resident aliens (H1 and L1), green card holders and citizens are required to file form 1040 and that non-residents are not eligible or qualified to file form 1040.

  • As per the tax laws of the United States, students on F1 visa are not sanctioned to file AOTC, education credits, or MFJ – filing status.
  • The past three years filed tax returns can be amended by non-residents for additional refunds and corrections and therefore avoid heavy penalties.
  • Additionally, tax returns can also be amended to correct ineligible claims on AOTC and in order to change from Form 1040 to 1040NR, EIC etc.

We urge all the taxpayers to make use of our Filed Tax Returns Assessment & Examination in order to steer clear of any audit or notice from the Internal Revenue Service and income tax departments of respective states. This must be done for tax years 2020, 2019, and 2018 with regard to additional refunds and corrections from the IRS and State income tax departments. This process can smoothen any tax related issues in the future.

For Free Tax Consultation

Tax Planning for TY 2020 & 2021

With over a decade of experience, Crescent Tax Filing has been helping thousands of IT and Non-IT employees of major companies in the United States. We are the trailblazers of the United States taxation industry providing Free of Cost tax planning in advance. We assure you that your tax withholdings on your pay checks for the tax year 2021 will be cent percent accurate thanks to our tax planning in advance for tax year 2020. With our assistance, you can avoid underpaying or extra payments from your pay checks contributing to the state and federal taxes.

Over the years, we have noticed that taxpayers are alarmed at their W2 withholdings of the state and federal taxes not being accurate. This leads to putting the taxpayer in a situation of over or under payment of income taxes thereby resulting in penalties and fines. The most commonly cited cause for this is the exact allowances and liabilities not being correctly mentioned by you to your employer on the form W4 submitted by you.

Crescent Tax Filing is happy to help thousands of taxpayers who need assistance with Tax Planning for tax years 2020 and 2021 without charging any fee! You will not just save on your taxes but will also be empowered to make decisions on tax management before the 31st December due date with our tax planning assistance.

Our tax planning support will aid every decision you make with regard to financial planning – be it insurance, housing, education, investments, retirements or estate planning and will help you organize and save your hard-earned money. Our tax experts are available 24/7 to offer free of charge consultations by hearing you out patiently and advising you on the most effective strategies on tax savings to save your precious time and valuable money!

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Tax Expert Support for Notices & Audits etc.

It has come to notice that notices, audits and inquiries are being issued to majority of the taxpayers from the Internal Revenue Service and Income Tax Departments of the State demanding payment of penalties and interest on filed tax returns. However, the consultants who helped taxpayers in filing tax returns seems to unapproachable because most of them are available only during the tax season.

In order to ensure that the taxpayers are filing the correct tax returns according to tax laws, the IRS and State Income Tax departments have all the rights to verify/ audit the business tax returns of the last years of individuals as per tax laws.

The Internal Revenue Service checks the tax returns in detail once the tax return is picked for auditing in order to check for any discrepancy. This is done to notify the examination department to issue an audit/ enquiry to the individual paying the tax even though the tax return error was committed unwittingly or on purpose.

As per the latest news in the USA Taxation Industry:

  • Representation work involves fewer than 10% of the CPAs.
  • Representation work involves a scarce 2% of enrolled agents who are engaged in it.
  • Tax Attorneys predominantly practice in trusts and estates and not majorly in representation, examination and collections.

After being issued an IRS notice, the taxpayer has a month’s time to hire a tax professional either locally or via online sources. Since CPAs and EAs are usually busy in their own work, the taxpayer might be required to pay them by the hour for support or solution.

By our tax experts’ decades of experience, we have developed a very good understanding about our client’s requirements and expectations on their personal taxes. We are the only taxation firm in the entire United States to provide accurate tax estimates, unlimited tax consultations with our tax experts throughout the year and also with value added tax services worth $1200 for free. Though you have filed your tax returns with the different tax consultant than Crescent Tax Filing previously, still you can have audit support for free from us for your present and previously filed tax returns.

ITIN Guidance & Support

Due to lack of tax knowledge on the part of resident aliens residing on H1, L1, and GC visa statuses with their dependent’s living in foreign countries, they miss the credit and benefits of dependent tax. This article is intended to provide the following information. 

ITIN – what it is!

Individual taxpayer identification number is a tax ID processing number issued by the Internal Revenue Service. In contrast to the Social Security Number – SSN, the ITIN is issuer to foreign nationals who are not eligible to get the SSN but are required to file for tax and claim dependent on returns from tax.

A dependent must’ve lived in the United States beyond 183 days in order for the taxpayer to apply for an ITIN for their dependents (spouse, children, close relatives, etc.). However, there are some exceptions to this rule. 

You will need the following documents to apply for the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number:

  • Passport
  • Tax returns
  • Form W7 (ITIN Application)

The above documents have to be sent by mail to the IRS address at Texas in order to receive the ITIN. In cases where the taxpayer cannot mail the documents to Texas, they can instead submit them at the local IRS office which goes by the name TAC – Taxpayer Assistance Centre.

As soon as the ITIN is allotted by the IRS, the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number will be sent by mail to the applicant enclosed in an Internal Revenue Service’s cover letter which can then be used to file State tax returns.

Taxpayer can approach us for complete guidance and support with regard to applying for ITIN.

     For ITIN Guidance & Support

FBAR & FATCA Guidance and E-Filing

If you are not a Citizen of United States, you need to report your foreign earned and unearned income on US tax return and you need to compulsorily file FBAR. If you are not reporting FBAR with FinCEN in this regard, you will be penalized between $12,459 to $1,24,588, moreover, non-reporting of FBAR (Foreign Bank Account Reporting) on FinCEN 114 with FinCEN (Financial Crimes Enforcement Network) is considered as a criminal offence according to federal law.

IRS is very strict to impose these penalties on taxpayers from the time they increased the standard deductions of all the filings. Crescent Tax Filing got an extreme expertise on dealing with these penalty cases of FBAR and IRS, we have been dealing with these since a long time and we are proud to say that in most of the cases we are able to convince the tax departments to waive or reduce the penalties.

If you are filing Form 1040A, 1040EZ or 1040 and having a signature authority of a foreign financial account then you need to declare all of your foreign income and if the income is exceeding $ 10,000, you need to file FBAR with FinCEN

Seeking Extension for Tax Filing

The due date for tax filing is April 15th and if the taxpayer cannot file tax returns on time of the due date for tax filing due to various reasons such as applying ITIN for dependents, delays in receiving tax documents, or source documents in order to claim credits or deductions on returns for taxes.

Note: Under any of the aforementioned circumstances, tax filing experts at Crescent can seek an extension (extra time) for 6 months so that the taxpayer is granted additional time. October 15th is the final date of extended time to file returns on taxes.

Crescent Tax Filing has been helping thousands of clients over the years in seeking an extension for tax return filing with the tax authorities. We help clients in achieving this by sending across estimated taxes and extension application to the IRS and State Income Tax departments.

In case of delayed payments or owing any balances results in cancellation of extension time. 90% of the total amount due by the taxpayer must be paid on or before April 15th each year. If 90% of the entire amount due by the taxpayer is unable to be paid, then the taxpayer can pay the remaining amount in instalments.

Form 1040 FREE E-Filing Income $28000

Crescent Tax Filing is aimed to provide ultimate customer satisfaction. If you are going to e-file (filing your tax forms electronically through computer) 1040A/EZ, you may find some tax filing websites or local tax consultants offering this service for free. But Crescent Tax Filing is the one and only tax consulting firm which allows forms 1040 E-Filing for Free if your annual income is up to $28,000.

Additionally, unlike the other tax consulting firms we will provide you audit support, complete tax estimate and additional tax services absolutely free. As a part of our customer benefit program we are delighted to announce that by just taking our tax estimates you can get many tax services worth $12,000 with 365 days round the clock support for any related problem for free of cost.  

FICA Taxes Withdrawals Guidance

Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) mandates payroll taxes and is used to fund the Social Security and Medicare programs in United States. But if you are a non-resident you can claim the contributed money. Crescent Tax Filing is specialized in this refund process and had assisted thousands of such non-resident employees to get the money refunded from IRS. we are the only tax consulting firm, giving this service for free as a part of our Social Security and Medicare welfare program and helping numerous tax payers getting their money back.

Students having F1, M1, J1 or Q visa are considered as non-resident aliens and need not provide any Social Security and Medicare tax. As, this is a mandatory payroll deduction except non-resident aliens most of the employers deducts this tax every month for all their employees, but as per the federal U.S. law they should refund the amount to the non-resident aliens. We have rarely seen any employer refunding this tax amount.

Crescent Tax Filing will give you an end to end guidance for this refund process. We will provide you all the relevant forms which you need to mail to IRS along with a letter from your employer. The letter should state that the employer had deducted the Social Security and Medicare taxes from you by mistake. The Refund process may take 06-12 months.

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