What Happens If You Get Audited?

What Happens If You Get Audited? In case of tax return the IRS (Internal revenue Service) letter is a significant thing and, in that case, if you receive an IRS tax audit, that’s a scary thing to think about. What Is a Tax Audit?  A tax audit is when your tax return is examined by […]

How Long Can The IRS Hold Your Refund For Review?

How Long Can The IRS Hold Your Refund For Review? There might be many reasons why the Internal Revenue service might review and hold off your refund. The general norm is to file for your income tax return via electronic means through a computerized system where the system scans and reviews your return application. In […]

What Happens If I Forget To Report a 1099-B?

The Consequences Of Forgetting To Report a 1099B The Proceeds from Broker and Barter Exchange Transactions are stated in form 1099B which barter exchanges and brokers essentially issue. The submission of this form is mandatory by the IRS in order to record on paper the gains or losses of taxpayers. Brokers must submit the 1099-B […]

What Is The Difference Between W2 and W4?

Need To Know About Form W2 and Form W4 Your tax refunds and balance due payment of your tax return is entirely interdependent on your form W2 and form W4. This blog article will surely equip you with the better understanding about your federal and state Wage and tax withholding. Why W2 Is Issued To […]

International Student Tax Return In USA | A Complete Guide

International Student Tax Returns in the United States of America (USA): Required tax filing information for F1/M/J/Q Visa This complete information about F1/M/J/Q visa holders who are in U.S as International Students will absolutely get help in avoiding any penalty or audit notices from the IRS. In fact the information will even help you in […]